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What You Will Gain From A Web Design Academy Course

What You Will Gain From A Web Design Academy Course. Whether you are looking to start your own web design business, looking to learn website design as a sub-skill to enhance your existing business, or seeking the ability to design and develop your own freelance or hobby website, then look no further than our Web Design Academy course. This is a three day intensive course, run by industry professionals, which promises to have you designing and developing websites by the end, arming you with all the knowledge and the practical skills you need.

If you already have your own WordPress website and want to learn about how you can develop it further, or if you want to learn or improve on your WordPress skills in order to set up websites for your clients, Web Design Academy can help you achieve this.

Within just a few days you will have the tools and ability to design professional looking websites, that adhere to a high industry standard. Through our bespoke learning system, we aim to give everyone in attendance the knowledge on how to create and customise your own website on a WordPress platform.

The Web Design Academy courses consist of a hands-on approach, for which you will use your own laptop (and our wi-fi service on the day) to work along on your own site as you learn. You will not only walk away with these practical skills, but also resources that you can refer back to such as Powerpoint slides, reference links and tutorial videos.

This is not an academic course, so no qualification is obtained upon completion, however through the extensive knowledge you will learn, as well as the hands-on skills, you will leave with the confidence to put everything into practice in your own business or project straight away.

Our web design course is thorough, and therefore demanding, however along with the resources provided, you will have plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on any aspects you are struggling with.

By applying yourself for these 3 days, we are confident that you can come out of this course with professional standard web design skills. This website design course is at a physical Chester venue, with face to face tuition, in an environment suitable for intensive and productive learning. To find out more about the course in terms of dates and costs, see our website for more details.