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Who should attend our courses?

Anyone who wants to start in business as a web designer.

Anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

Anyone who wants to improve their WordPress design skills.

What will I walk away with?

We expect every trainee to walk away with an in depth understanding of how to build professional websites on the WordPress platform using our bespoke system.

You will also leave the course with your own WordPress installation and website that you have been learning with.  You will retain access to this free of charge for one month following the course.  If you then wish to retain that learning website for longer you may do so at a charge of £10 per month.

You will walk away from the course with a number of learning resources including; power point slides, tutorial videos and reference links.

Will I have a chance to mix informally with the other delegates?

There will be plenty of opportunity to mix with the other delegates during the weekend.  There are breaks throughout the day and we encourage a social meet up on ther Friday and Saturday evening although it is entirely up to you if you attend.

Do I receive a qualification?

This is not an academic course and we do not issue certificates or qualifications.  This course is focused on enabling you to start building professional standard websites within days.

What happens if I can’t keep up?

We pace the learning in a way which should give all learners a good chance of keeping up with the course. If for any reason you find that you simply are not able to digest and retain the training we ask that you approach the course tutor as soon as possible to discuss your options which may include attending a future course.

How demanding is the course?

The course is demanding.  There is a lot to cover in order to give you the skills and resources to start producing pro standard websites.  However, in addition to the classroom group time, there is plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and seek clarification from the tutor.  The course is also supported by power point slides, tutorial videos and reference links.

We are confident that if you apply yourself you will come out of the course with everything you need to succeed.